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You see the World Differently on a bike. Berger Hardware Bikes is committed to bringing cycling as a way of life to as many people as humanly possible. We are equally passionate about cycling as a sport, as a mode of transportation, and as a recreation. We offer coaching/training and exercises prescription, as well as custom bicycle fitting and sales. In addition, BHB has a robust and active road and cyclecross team, based in Raleigh, NC but active in Austin, TX, Boston, MA and Ohio. The team races together, but also engages in community events to bring awareness to cycling. We also hold a variety of community events and races which are held regularly in Raleigh, NC.


the BHB MTB Short Track Series, P/b dr. steven B. Andreaus, DdS.

5.23 >> 6.6 >>

cancelling 6/20. rescheduling to 6/21

hoping that the short cancellation notice doesn’t foil too many people plans and that everyone can make it Friday night.

"The Backyard MTB Short Track Series p/b Dr. Steven B. Andreaus DDS., will be amazing.  Full sunny evening, Thursday hangs."

Really fun things going on:

Short track MTB Races at 2212 Dorsett Dr. Raleigh, NC 27603

The best racers in the land going head-to-head on a fast off-road course.

Veritable food truck rodeo.

Short track MTB races are short fast and fun to watch and last about 20 minutes per race.

Preregistration at

all adult Short track categories are $22 pre-reg , $25 day-of.

Additional races are $10

Shorttracklocross is $10 pre-reg and $20 day-of (if you are registering day-of and do not have a USAC license, have no fear. BHB will pay for your one-day!!!

Juniors are $8 pre-reg, $10 day-of.

Tracklocross/ Shorttracklocross: what is it?

It is Fixed gear bikes ripping on the short track course (please have at least one working brake per our friends at USAC). Le Mans Style Start, 3 laps of the course, the skinnier the tire, the more epic. Prizes provided by Oak City Cycling Project and others and will selfishly be supplied to fixed gear riders only. in the off-chance there is someone that doesn’t get this message and they show up with a geared bike, we will let them race. We will take their money and give it to the Enloe High School Food Ark. Fixed gears will get a 45 second head-start over bikes that can coast and a 60 second head start over bikes that can coast and have gears.

$10 to pre-register, $20 day-of. BHB will pay your one-day license fee, if you don’t have a racing license and you’re signing up day-of.

The Kids Races are FREE and on a separate, very short, fun course.

Cash or Checks are accepted day-of

This IS a USA Cycling sanctioned event. Please know the rules. A one-day or annual USAC license is required. They Can be purchased on-line at or at the registration table, day-of

Please Keep your BiB numbers for the entire series. .

The best spectating around


6/20 has been cancelled due to extreme weather. Sorry for the short notice. It has been rescheduled for Friday, 6/21.

will close at 7 p.m. on the TUESDAY before each event. Day-of registration will be close 15 minutes prior to the start of your race

*All details subject to change, we will do our best to keep this page updated*


Other Details:

Race distances will be around 20 minutes in length for most categories and 3 laps for the Shorttracklocross

Kids race will be held on a separate course

Please don’t park underneath the trees.

Parking on Barbour near the Japan House is permitted as is parking in the lot below Barbour Dr.

Results ARE IN

Nightly Results are here!!!

Overall Standings are here!!!

we’ll do our best to keep them coming as fast as possible.

For important news and announcements, please check our social media platforms and this website.