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You see the World Differently on a bike. Berger Hardware Bikes is committed to bringing cycling as a way of life to as many people as humanly possible. We are equally passionate about cycling as a sport, as a mode of transportation, and as a recreation. We offer coaching/training and exercises prescription, as well as custom bicycle fitting and sales. In addition, BHB has a robust and active road and cyclecross team, based in Raleigh, NC but active in Austin, TX, Boston, MA and Ohio. The team races together, but also engages in community events to bring awareness to cycling. We also hold a variety of community events and races which are held regularly in Raleigh, NC.



2018 BHB Cross Central NC


For the most up to date information, please check our Facebook.


Overall Series standings with CASH and PRIZES at the end

USAC Rules Apply - Read the Rule book

One day licenses cost $10, and can be purchased online before day of the race

$3.00 fee for numbers.  Please keep them for the whole series. Replacement numbers are $3.00.

Second Race (of the day) = $10.00



Make grabbing a buck or two, or a couple of cans of food part of your race day prep ritual.
This season we're collecting donations for
The Food Ark, Interfaith food Shuttle and USCRI at every race.

Let’s see what the cycling community can do for communities in need.


Learn all about the organizations here:


PS: Don't forget your helmet, shoes, bike, water, air in your tires!!

Series Sponsors

Series Schedule

Race 1 - Spring Hill Cross - September 8th

Raleigh, NC

Race 2 - Spring Hill Cross @ Raleigh - September 9th

Raleigh, NC

Cross Country Race!  More info to come.

Race 3 - Goldsboro Cup- September 15th

Goldsboro, NC

Race 4 - Goldsboro Cup - September 16th

Goldsboro, NC

Race 5 - Briar Chapel - September 22nd

Pittsboro, NC

Race 6 - Quay Cross - SEPTEMBER 29th

Fuquay Varina, NC

Race 7 - Thunder Cross - September 30th

Sanford, NC

Race 9 - G'Vegas Cross - October 6th

Greenville, NC

Race 10 - Durham Cycles Cross - October 7th

Durham, NC

Daily Schedule

(Unless posted otherwise, this will be the daily schedule)


XC Run!

(September 9th Only!)

More info to come.


Masters 40+ 4/5

(30 minutes)


Juniors 9-12

Juniors 13-14

Juniors 15-18

(30 minutes)


Women 4/5

Women CrossFit*

(30 minutes)


Men 4/5

Men CrossFit*

(30 minutes)


Kid Race (short lap)


Men Pro/1/2/3

(50 minutes)


Women Pro/1/2/3

(50 minutes)


Men 3/4

(45 minutes)


Masters Women 40+ Pro/1/2/3/4

Masters Women 50+ Pro/1/2/3/4

 Masters Women 60+ Pro/1/2/3/4

Masters Men 40+ Pro/1/2/3/4

Masters Men 50+ Pro/1/2/3/4

 Masters Men 60+ Pro/1/2/3/4

(45 Minutes)


Single Speed Open

(45 Minutes)



CrossFitters will race the 4/5 race and be scored with other crossfitters and against the regular Cat 4/5 crowd. It’ll happen both in the Women’s 4/5 and the Men’s 4/5. This will be a USAC sanctioned event (all USAC rules apply), and look for details on our Facebook page for opportunities to come out and practice on the course. 

Cross Central NC will cover 1/2 of their one-day USAC license fee!


2017 Pictures And Results

(let us know if you take any great pictures at the races)

New to Cyclocross?

This series is designed as a fun and welcoming series catering to all types of racers. Most importantly Cross Central is designed as a relaxed but competitive race series with an encouraging and fun atmosphere that should cater well to the beginning racer that wants to try cyclocross racing.  Beginners who may be considering racing cross but do not own a cyclocross specific bike are always welcome to use mountain bikes (without bar ends) and should find this a great series to find mentors and start a first race.

If you are new to cyclocross and have any questions/concerns, please email us or reach out over social media.