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You see the World Differently on a bike. Berger Hardware Bikes is committed to bringing cycling as a way of life to as many people as humanly possible. We are equally passionate about cycling as a sport, as a mode of transportation, and as a recreation. We offer coaching/training and exercises prescription, as well as custom bicycle fitting and sales. In addition, BHB has a robust and active road and cyclecross team, based in Raleigh, NC but active in Austin, TX, Boston, MA and Ohio. The team races together, but also engages in community events to bring awareness to cycling. We also hold a variety of community events and races which are held regularly in Raleigh, NC.


Berger Hardware Bikes Racing

We race because we love it, and we want to have fun, and we want to inspire other people to start racing too. Whether your an expert, or a novice, coming to the team to get back into racing, or because you want to think about racing in a new way, we welcome all types of racers. 

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